The Studio Share

By Kate and Jerm

The Studio Share by Kate and Jerm provides modern, professional meeting and shooting space to local creative professionals at a reasonable price. For a set monthly fee, members can book studio time as-needed at one of our fully-outfitted studios.  These are not traditional camera rooms – gorgeous natural light is readily available and we stock only the most stylish props and set pieces. Use the equipment provided or feel free to bring your own.  You simply use the studio how you wish, then clean and re-stage when you are finished so it is ready for the next member.  

Our Studios


In The Stutz

The Main Studio is a generous 18×40, it typically contains up to 12 seamless paper rolls in various colors and sizes.  Three strobe lights with various modifiers are included, as well as both wireless, wired, and slave trigger systems.  The Main Studio features an extra-wide dark gray shooting wall for multi-family sessions that need to stretch out beyond a typical nine-foot paper roll, as well as a large white shooting wall.  We have very large movable “wood” photography floors, a spacious private dressing area, a full-size reflector, a stocked refrigerator, a makeup counter with two stations, and two modular wood tables.  The Main Studio contains a variety of furnishings, including numerous chairs, benches, and sofas.  There are three full-size paper rolls on a chain system as well as a backdrop stand for the other backdrops.  The Main Studio is located in the Stutz at 1060 North Capitol a few blocks north of downtown Indianapolis, and just one block from the canal.  It is the ideal location for indoor/outdoor urban sessions. Ample natural light is available.

On The Square

We have a beautiful space on the square in Noblesville above Kiln Creations.  Members enjoy the same 17′ shooting width as the Main Studio in the Stutz Downtown, 3 big windows for natural light, nice light wood floors.  There are currently 3 studio strobes and a wireless trigger, a few seamless paper backgrounds, and a number of chairs and stools to assist you with posing.  You’ll also be able to take your clients right out the door and shoot on the old alley brick walls, the old courthouse lawn, or right down the sidewalk in this classic Main Street USA style setting.  

For The Kids

The Studio For The Kids is a cozy space that is outfitted for newborns, toddlers, and small families.  It includes a changing table and various newborn props such as vintage crates, cradles, baskets, and matching blankets and wraps.    There is plenty of natural light, but for dark days or evening sessions, a studio light and triggering system is provided.  A newborn posing bag, medium gray shooting wall, and wood photography floors/walls are also included, as are backdrop stands and a variety of backgrounds.  It is located in the Stutz in downtown Indianapolis and is just down the hall from the Main Studio.

No need to rush. You aren't charged by the hour.

BIG Studio Blocks

Unlike most studios, we don’t rent space by the hour. Your studio membership includes a set number of “blocks” that you can use each month.  That block provides you with HALF A DAY in one of our beautiful studios.  Not just half a business day… half of a real live 24-hour day.   Our cut-off time is2 pm.  So you can start before the sun comes up and stay until 2 pm, or come in at 2 pm and stay until you can’t keep your eyes open.


With three studio locations and more on the way, we have a great space for almost everyone. Our minimum monthly commitment is $100 for emerging photographers to start and can range up to $400/month for our busiest established professionals. An annual commitment and security deposit are required.  Please note that we do have a maximum number of members, and sometimes utilize a wait list.

Members reserve the studios by the block, and not the hour – this gives our members plenty of time to set up and clean up without feeling rushed. Studio blocks are essentially half a day beginning or ending at 2 pm. 24×7 access to the facilities will allow you to come and go as early or as late as you like.

Premier and Professional members (those with six or more studio blocks per month) receive additional membership benefits, such as priority booking on weekends.

  • Basic
  • $175Mo
  • Use up to 3 blocks each month
  • Choose any of our studios
  • Book weekend blocks up to 2 weeks out
  • Less than $60 per block
  • Great for emerging photographers
  • Premier
  • $250Mo
  • Use up to 6 blocks each month
  • Choose any of our studios
  • Book weekend blocks months in advance
  • Less than $45 per half-day block
  • Great for busy photographers
  • Our most popular plan
  • Professional
  • $325Mo
  • Use up to 8 blocks each month
  • Choose any of our studios
  • Book weekend blocks months in advance
  • About $40 per half-day block
  • Great for full-time photographers

Professional Gear

Each studio is outfitted with professional lighting and background gear.  Unlike most studio rentals, there’s no extra charge.  It’s there for you to use as part of your membership.  Not every piece of gear is in every studio, but there’s always enough at each location to get the job done.  For the gearheads out there, we are a Paul C. Buff shop for the most part. There are Alien Bee lights, modifiers, and wireless triggers in each studio.  We also keep a few rolls of Savage background paper in every shooting bay.  We do tend to rotate gear and paper colors between the different sites to encourage creativity, so be prepared for something a little different each time you walk in that door.

Members love us, because we listen.

Our Members

  • Angel
    The Studio Share has been a wonderful step to grow my business! It is a very affordable, very professional space that you will be proud to bring your clients to.
  • Vilma D
    Wonderful idea for photographers!
  • Denise R
    I love the studio share!
  • Sarah A
    I absolutely love using the Studio Share for my business. It's wonderful that the props are always changing so that we don't get bored. There have been a lot of updates lately that make things look even better for our clients.
  • Allen S
    The absolute best part for me is no more lugging around equipment and setting up backgrounds in client's houses! Thank you for creating a space for us all!
  • Ashlee L
    Thank you!! I could never have been able to get started on newborn photography without the share!!
  • Ashley S
    I love being part of The Studio Share. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for an affordable studio option you provide as well as mentoring and support.

3 Studios - 2 Convenient Locations (and more to come!)

Studio Locations


Of course you have questions.  If you don’t have any questions, you probably won’t make it through the application process.

Please feel free to reach out.  We’d be happy to answer your questions and explain anything that needs clarification.

Or, if you’d rather, you can read through some of the more common questions our other member candidates have had.

Frequently Asked Questions